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Service Excellence

Our commitment to serving our clients and candidates with excellence and delivering a high standard of quality is embodied in everything we do, day in and day out.

In fact, we base a significant amount of executive compensation, from individual Account Executives up to our President, around the ability to meet your expectations.

We back up this commitment by collecting, measuring and reporting your feedback. Our proprietary score card and satisfaction surveys drive our relentless pursuit for continuous improvement.

    • 91% of client respondents are satisfied with the quality of our employees & our service delivery.
    • 91% of client respondents view MAAYEE,INC. as a proactive solutions provider who meets their staffing & recruiting needs.
    • 94% of candidate & client respondents would recommend MAAYEE,INC. to other companies or colleagues.

MAAYEE,INC. Scores High In Customer Satisfaction

MAAYEE,INC. knows what constitutes best-in-class performance in the IT workplace, and we’ll work with you to define it, measure it and manage it.

With confidential input from our employees and yours, MAAYEE,INC. compares monthly survey results against performance goals.

We provide our clients with visibility to a balanced combination of performance and satisfaction survey metrics using our proprietary CUE score card, and we measure and report the results monthly.

MAAYEE,INC.’s CUE survey program takes a holistic approach to measuring satisfaction that includes regular feedback from all primary stakeholders:

    • Candidates
    • Employees
    • Client end-users or managers
    • Enterprise clients