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About US

MAAYEE,INC.MAAYEE,INC. is one of North America’s leading providers of technology services and talent, with clients ranging from middle-market businesses to global, Fortune 500 companies.

Focused on your needs, we offer a wide array of comprehensive and custom-fit solutions that maximize the value of your technology investments.

World-Class Technology and Toolsets

MAAYEE,INC. is committed to helping clients realize, sustain and enhance the value of technology and infrastructure investments. This technology provides the ability to transform customer relationships, accelerate the flow of information, create a competitive advantage, and enhance the delivery of services.

The MAAYEE,INC. solution foundation is built upon Quality, Flexibility and Continual Service Improvement.


MAAYEE,INC. strives to continually improve service efficiency and end-user satisfaction. To ensure that our services meet or exceed standards of excellence, MAAYEE,INC. gathers individual and collective measurements through the monitoring of support interactions, call recording evaluations, service management data and end-customer surveys.


One of the keys to success is our ability to adapt our methodologies that apply best practices to each support engagement. Our solutions are scalable and will provide you with the level of involvement that you desire.

Continual Service Improvement.

MAAYEE,INC.’s delivery model focuses on the continued measures, evaluation and improvement of our services to our clients. We will constantly monitor metrics related to our Service Level Objective (SLO) standards and provide you with reports related to each SLO, call volumes, call types and trend analysis.

Aligned with your business model, our resource-based solution model delivers a more cost efficient solution through staffing efficiencies and flexible, on-demand logistics programs.

Custom Solutions Fit To Your Technology Needs

We deliver technology talent and solutions through discrete, partial and comprehensive IT outsourcing.